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Underwire Bras


Bras with underwire by Felina and Felina Conturelle is a technologically advanced product, it must stabilize the breasts from below, form the breast well and conjure up a pretty cleavage.

Here at the manufacturer Felina, the cups of the underwire bra are made in various ways - from a thermo formed foam, from transparent materials or from a tulle, stable fabrics and soft lace are also not overlooked.

In recent years, however, underwire bras are a real sensation, with us - in the Felina Shop you will find transparent or opaque models.

Many women appreciate the transparent underwire bra, because it is airy and gives the breasts a seductive look thanks to the ornaments. Underwire bra is also available in an opaque and smooth version, which is ideal for thin and tight blouses or dresses.

Well shaped cups from Felina also support very heavy breasts. The chest just sits tighter in this bra and the wearer feels safer. Women with small breasts should also not be afraid of underwire bras, because a properly selected bra perfectly accentuates the shape of the bust, which is important - Felina also offers great size up to cup I.




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