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Wireless Bras Felina and Conturelle without underwire
Felina also produces bra without underwire, which guarantee the highest wearing comfort, there are some models that are suitable for sports and also for everyday use. Bra without underwire is also recommended for young girls who are just beginning to wear a bra.
Wireless bras are usually in the form of elastic seamless or soft underwear made in traditional fit. The materials from which they are made are usually - high quality cotton, polyamide or elastic, skin-sensitive fabrics. They often have soft-padded and wide straps, very sturdy constructions, and the straps reinforced with extra fabric to relieve the shoulders - the weight is even and spread over both arms.
In the Felina Shop you will find soft and stiffened, smooth and lace models, which are decorated with beautiful embroidery.
Bra without underwire is recommended for all women, especially for pregnant women, who must pay particular attention to their breasts. For this reason, it is also recommended for young girls in adolescence, whose bust size begins to grow and is hypersensitive. Strapless bra are also ideal for use at home as they offer great comfort and freedom of movement for all activities at home.

The Felina shop offers a wide range of wireless bras. For example, the Felina Bra of the Melina series is an excellent choice for women who want to be modest and elegant. By the way, this product, thanks to the wide shoulder straps, is very comfortable to wear. The bra without underwire from the Passion series is probably the most well-known product of Felina, which offers an excellent support and alignment of the bust even with the largest cup sizes.
A great bra is also a spacer version in 3D technology made of a uniform and breathable material. He is invisible under the tightest clothes and has a great construction. Wireless bras are an excellent choice for pregnant women and young girls, but we recommend a spacer bra with no underwire to every woman.


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