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Welcome voucher

In the interests of your satisfaction, we run a Point System in the online shop. Each purchase of products in our store is awarded with points that can be used for subsequent purchases. You can also earn points for registration before your first purchase.
In order to collect points for purchases, you must have an active account in the shop. Having an account is and will always be free, you can remove your account from our shop at any time. If you want to create an account register here.

For registering an account in our store, you receive 250 welcome points = 5 €, which you can use for your first purchase.
Points for purchases

Points for completed purchases are calculated for each customer registered in the shop after completing the order. Points gained for previous purchases can be freely spent on other orders at To check the status and number of points, log in to your account in the store. The current point balance and transaction history are available in the "My points" tab. Remember that in order to use the received and accepted points for further purchases, you must log in before adding products to the basket so that the shop recognizes you before adding products to the basket. When placing an order, the summary will show at the bottom of the basket how many points you currently have on your account and how many points you can use when placing your current order (if you have approved points, you will be able to pay for the goods using them).

Value of points

Currently, for every 1 € spent in felinashop, 1 point will be charged (we do not add delivery fees)

For example:

          Purchase Value: 100 € = 100 points
          Conversion value of points awarded: 50 points = 1 €

We reserve the right to change the number of points awarded and their converter without prior notice.
In the case of a partial or total refund or cancellation, the points awarded as a result of the order will be canceled.

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